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Welcome to RhetorClick!

RhetorClick is an online resource designed to help undergraduate students explore and understand the academic discipline of rhetoric and its affiliated fields. Although anyone can edit the wiki, we especially encourage students to share their knowledge with other students by contributing content to the site. We acknowledge (and embrace!) the inherent messiness of novice researchers and writers collaborating in public, and we welcome all who want to help us make this resource more useful.

How to Get Involved

In order to deter spambots, we require all contributors to have accounts on the site. If you have looked around and decided that you'd like to contribute, please request an account. (You do not need to include a long biography, but anything you can do to help us know that you are a human being would be very helpful.)

We do our best to approve accounts quickly, but please be patient — this is a part-time endeavor for everyone involved.

Once your account has been approved, you are welcome to edit pages and add new pages. Please review the Style Guide before diving in, and please respect the work of other contributors by revising, not deleting their work.

Contact Us

We are eager to expand the pool of contributors to the site, so if you teach rhetoric and want to use RhetorClick as part of your curriculum, please get in touch!

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