Hea, Amy C. Kimme "Riding The Wave"

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Article Summary

Two ways technology is defined:
a. the substantive view, where technology is constructed as inevitably good or bad, and technological progress is seen as inherently either helping humankind achieve its potential or enslaving us in a dehumanized culture
b. the instrumental view, in which technology is neutral; that is, technology is merely a tool unaffected by its own social and historical context (272).

Web is a constructed space with a range of ideologies, differences, and politics at play (274).

Articulation: a connection or linking of parts to form a unity (273).
Articulation theory: is well-suited to examinations of technology because it addresses a range of cultural concerns manifest in the design, development, production, circulation, and consumption of technologies (274).

Glossary Terms

The following key terms are defined in the Glossary: articulation, Articulation Theory

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