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1. How does satire rely on enthymemes?

Satire today is seen as either irony, or sarcasm. The meaning of enthymemes has to do with an unanswered statement which is made by a person,which allows someone to find the conclusion of the statement on their by being able to understand the statement.Satire relys on enthymemes because satire deals with humorous comments directed to an indiviual or group that takes the understanding of what that comment or statement is meaning. So with enthymemes it allows you understand the sarcasm of a statement.

2.What is difference between satire and irony/mockery/spoof//wit/sarcasm

Satire being a more literary genre(Wikipedia) which is seen to use more of a sense of criticism towards a specific person or group. Where Sarcasm is used more towards humiliating, and taunting someone.Sarcasm is used to taunt, where Satire is used more with intent of being witty.

3. Why would/ wouldn't Jonathan Swift laugh if he watched Colbert Report?

Jonathan Swift would laugh at the Colbert Report, because Colbert and Jonathan views of criticism is seen to be directed towards political issues. Jonathan used humor, and jokes to make his points clear where Colbert Report does the same thing but on a television show.Jonathan used his words critucsm through his written work which was well respected.

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