Sidler, Michelle "Playing Scavenger and Gazer with Scientific Discourse: Opportunities and Ethics for Online Research"

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Article Summary

Online vs. Print

  • Print documents must undergo a publication process and therefore becomes “historical record” in comparison to web “documents” which are living and immediate.
  • Websites are valuable artifacts, though they have not undergone any academic evaluation.
  • As a research scavenger, numerous texts and sources of data are available immediately online.
  • Scavenge: “plucking discourse of many types from multiple sources, both historical and (near) real-time” (75).

    Personal vs. Private
  • Legal and ethical risks
  • “Such engagement requires an adventuresome, nomadic spirit and willingness to situate ethics in discrete contexts for particular places and times, constantly scavenging for new ethical models and socially responsible methodologies” (84).
  • Gaze: to see, accidentally or on purpose, behind the curtain of public disclosure and into the private lives of research subjects.

    Glossary Terms

    The following key terms are defined in the Glossary: gaze

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