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Stuart Blythe is an associate professor in the Department of English and Linguistics at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, where he teaches courses in writing, multimedia, editing, and the teaching of composition. His recent work has appeared in College Composition and Communication, Computers and Composition, the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, and Works and Days. [1]

Article Summaries

Blythe, Stuart "Coding Digital Texts and Multimedia"

Stuart Blythe mainly attempts to show that digital coding of texts is important for studying patterns in human behavior. He explains that the method is important to perform/provide the best research possible, and can reveal a lot about the creator’s intentions and attitudes toward the subject. Methodology can reveal more information about how data is received to answer questions like “who is involved”, “what is their view”, and “how often do they participate”. [2]

Yet, the article lacks the reason why unanalyzed critical research aims to benefit the participants and the public as much as the researcher. In digital data coding, the participant may help in performing the research and learn about the patterns they use in order to reflect on personal attitudes and actions. Reflection, Blythe argues, is extremely important because it may show new doors worth opening and a continued expansion of understanding. Essentially, “the key,” as Blythe puts it, is to approach digital data coding with the ability to put the pieces together/see the patterns “in order to create a more complete picture.”

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Further Readings

Thomas, Sari. “Artifactual Study In The Analysis Of Culture: A Defense Of Content Analysis In A Postmodern Age.” Communication Research 21.6 (1994): 683-697. PsycINFO. Web.

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Those authors that agree with Blythe.


Those authors that disagree with Blythe.


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