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Please list your name and tentative ideas for wiki contributions:

Ryan- style guide, graduate resources
Jennifer- style guide, content
Nicole- alphabetized Theories and Movements page, Feminist Criticism authors Condit and Japp, article summaries for Sidler and Hea, 4 added Glossary definitions.
Noah- created Authors page for Cheryl E. Ball (including biographical information and education and an external link to her online portfolio), created an Article Summaries page: Ball, Cheryl et al., "Integrating Multimodality in Composition Curricula: Survey Methodology and Results from a CCCC Research Grant" (including citation, abstract, and direct article link), gave biographical information for Richard Weaver and short article blurb about Richard Weaver's Article Summary section on the Richard Weaver author page, added Kairos as a blog resource on the Resources page, made copy edits throughout, made layout adjustments for continuity throughout.
Amber- created Authors pages for Walter Fisher and Patricia Bizzell, added a commentary to the article summary section of Jim W. Corder, added terms to Glossary, and made copy edits and tried to maintain continuity where it was off.
Gretchen- added biography, article summary, additional reading, and footnote references for Stuart Blythe; added 14 terms (comprehensive sampling, convenience sampling, criterion sampling, data coding, evidentials, latent content, manifest content, method, methodology, nonverbal units, random sampling, rhetorical units, t-units, and verbal units) to Glossary
Bailey- created Authors pages for Susan Delagrange and Henry Jenkins, created Article Summaries pages for Delagrange, Susan "When Reflection is Re-Design: Key Questions for Digital Scholarship"and Jenkins, Henry "Eight Traits of the New Media Landscape"
Kelsey- Created Authors page for Ian Bogost, Article Summaries pages for Voorhees, Gerald. “The Character of Difference: Procedurality, Rhetoric, and Roleplaying Games” and Taylor, Laurie. "“When Seams Fall Apart: Video Game Space and the Player."
Callie - Created Chaim Perelman Author Page
Sam Jackson created The Rhetoric of Political Cartoons and wrote a summary for the article Bitzer, Lloyd "The Rhetorical Situation.

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